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Get up to the minute information from your favorite Places! Whats-OUT App is your best companion whenever you go out for shopping, entertainment or when you are looking for a product or service from businesses locxal to you. Be the first to get notified with upcoming events, sales, and deals and much more


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Add places to your favorites

Add your preferred shops to your favorites list, and stay up to the minute with all their new offers whenever you are near or in the store.

Get information about the business

Simply start the App, and see the whats out there from shops you normally visit, only now you have details on their offerings, deals, and discounts.


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and get offers and perks.

It's all about "Around Me"

Places, offers, events & loyalty programs are conveniently listed for you by distance and showing the nearest for you. No need to wonder where they are, our map will guide you right there too.

Get offers and perks

Earn reward points by simply using and interacting with the Whats-OUT app, play Scratch & Win games, and enter into our monthly sweepstakes.

When you are at a store or inside the place Get product information and best deals, daily specials, updates, membership information and more.

When you are in the region of a place ! Receive their latest offers, discount coupons, special invites, customer only freebies and more.

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Simple APP, Great Benefits

Whats-OUT! is a simple App to use, you add a place and start enjoying the benefits of keeping up to date with your places.

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